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SkillsOnWheels Driving School Tesimonials

Cant beleive all the hype about SkillsOnWheels Driving School... This is what some of our pupils have to say about us.

Simon is a brilliant instructor, who always answers any questions and makes you feel comfortable asking anything no matter how stupid it sounds. He’s very calm if you make any mistakes, I looked forward to every lesson!
Megan, Huntingdon
Simon is simply an incredible instructor. As a neurodiverse individual with anxiety I never thought I would be able to pass my test let alone on the 1st attempt. He took the time to understand what I needed as an individual and adapted his teaching.
Kathryn , St Ives, Cambs
Amazing experience, no matter how many miss haps happened in training he got me through, helped me learn how to drive my wife’s car which wasn’t the same as his, would highly recommend to anyone else Good sense of humour and very friendly
David Austin, Huntingdon
Couldn’t recommend enough, a lovely instructor who helped me feel comfortable on the road and gave me lots of confidence.
Eva, St Ives, Cambs
I absolutely recommend Simon as a driving instructor. He is very friendly, puts you at ease and is a great teacher. I really enjoyed every lesson and passed first time with him.
Tom, St Ives, Cambs
Simon is great! Would definitely recommend.
Will, St Ives, Cambs
Simon is an amazing instructor! I was feeling a bit nervous getting back to driving after failing my first test attempt, but starting lessons with Simon after this was the best thing I could've done! I instantly felt really comfortable and relaxed.
Hannah, St Ives, Cambs
Would totally recommend Simon! Brilliant instructor who put me at ease and made me feel comfortable from the very first lesson. He’s super reliable and you’re guaranteed to have a laugh every time you get in the car too.
Lois, Cambridge
For anyone reading these I’ve got some important information! Simon is professional, patient, funny and a genuinely nice guy not to mention a great instructor! He helped me pass at the first time of asking and I’d genuinely consider him a friend!
Luke Maddox, Ware
Simon is very patient and understanding, and will always find a way to make you laugh. Couldn’t recommend a better instructor.
Faye, Stanstead Abbotts
Don’t bother looking anywhere else, no one could possibly be better than Simon! I had been an anxious driver who dreaded driving, but Simon has entirely changed my mindset and made me enjoy it so much. Passing my test on the first attempt was a breeze.
Libby Dunford, Hoddesdon
Simon is a star and highly recommended! I used to be fearful and unconfident and thought I'd never pass my test, but Simon has helped to increase my confidence behind the wheel! He has a patient and relaxed approach and explains things clearly.
Kayleigh , Hertford
Could not recommend Simon enough! Amazing instructor who put me at ease from the first lesson. Very flexible with arranging and rescheduling around school and made driving lessons fun, always up for a laugh. Absolutely recommend him to anyone learning
Georgia Sapsford, Hoddesdon
Passed today. Very happy with the lessons, instructor was very accommodating of having lessons as often as I need around my work schedule. Very friendly instructor.
Jake Walker, Broxbourne
From my very first lesson, Simon was so easy to get along with, and always so friendly and happy to have a chat. This definitely helped to make me feel at ease and relaxed during my lessons, and made the lessons fun.
Daisy Gifford, Hoddesdon
Amazing instructor, gives you good road knowledge and great experience
Charlie Penn, Ware
Passed the first time! Amazing instructor, with great sense of humour. Could not recommend him enough!
Eliza Danielska, Hoddesdon
Simon is brilliant! From my first ever lesson, he put me at ease and made learning to drive fun. He is patient and always happy to explain further if you are ever unsure. He is super reliable and flexible with his hours, and will make sure he can fit you
Jennifer Foster, Hertford
Passed first time with one minor. It has been an absolute pleasure learning with Simon. He is always up for a laugh and patient whilst you learn.
Hayden Patmore, Hoddesdon
Simon is a fantastic driving instructor, he taught me everything in a clear and concise way filling me with great confidence for my test resulting in a first time pass. Would 100% recommend him.
Samuel Flaum, Hoddesdon
Simon is a fantastic driving instructor and I'd highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Simon is knowledgeable, patient and explains things really well. He helps you feel relaxed and confident in the car, and is a great laugh too!
Amy McManus , Hoddesdon
passed first time with Simon, he has the patience of a saint and really helped me out, couldn't have done it without him, excellent sense of humour and great teacher. cheers. Jack.
Jack Newton, Ware
Simon is a brilliant instructor and a great, fun person to be around too. He is always calm and relaxed, and puts any nerves at ease. I was terrified when I started and was only able to pass because of Simon! 100% recommend.
Sophie, Stanstead Abbotts
Passed first time thanks to Simon! Always makes sure you are calm, comfortable and is a great laugh
Mia Marsh, Hertford
Quality instructor, easy to have a laugh with but helped me pass.
Alfie, Hill
Great instructor! Passed with only 3 minors!!
Gem bartlett, Ware
Great instructor who makes driving easy to learn, passed first time!
Jack , Hoddesdon
Simon is a patient and friendly instructor. I thoroughly recommend SkillsOnWheels to those who are nervous about driving.
Tom Purdy, Hoddesdon
Great instructor, taught me all I needed to know to pass my test first time.
Cameron Scott, Hoddesdon
Top notch, but you can’t change Simon, the only changing will be your ability to drive, can’t thank him enough. It’s been a honour and a pleasure. P.S. I will never forgive you for pranking me on test day!!!!!
Chase Harwood, Hoddesdon
There is no better driving instructor than Simon. Made me feel so comfortable from my first lesson. Any questions at all he would go through it to make sure you 100% knew what you was doing. Will recommend to everyone. GO ON!
Robbie Cleaver, Hoddesdon
I’ve finally gone and passed! I know I drove you crazy Simon but couldn’t have done it without you , thanks a bunch. Don’t miss me too much !! X
Emily, Hoddesdon
Best instructor I could've asked for! Would highly recommend.
Darcy Lowe, Ware
Loved every lesson! Never felt like i was u see pressure made me feel so confident and passed first time!
Kirstin Cunningham, Hoddesdon
Passed first time on Friday with 4 minors! Amazing instructor, I never felt nervous and always looked forward to my lessons, Simon is a great laugh that taught me well!
Jodie, Hoddesdon
Cannot thank Simon enough, I passed yesterday with 2 minors, he makes you feel relaxed and is very funny during lessons which make them go quickly when you are as nervous as I was during lessons. Cannot recommend him enough. Thank you!
Chloe-Marie, Hoddesdon
Skills On Wheels This company is the best. If you want to pass first time. This is the company you should learn with. Simon, is a very patient and kind teacher. And he will try his best to get you on the road by yourself.
Antony Grana, Hoddesdon
Thank you so much Simon for helping me pass. Both me and my sister have had Simon teach us and it’s been a pleasure. Best instructor around
Josh Hill, Broxbourne
Passed first time with Simon. Makes you feel at ease while driving and every lesson was always a laugh with him while learning! Would definitely recommend learning to drive with skills on wheels!
Alex, Hoddesdon
I have had alot of instructors and i have to say by far simon is the best very helpful and he has never screamed or yelled i was afraid i would never pass but i did and all i can say is that he is by far the best and i had fun doing lessons with him
Luke, Broxbourne
Had an amazing experience with Simon, lessons were very enjoyable and thanks to him I passed first time!
Emily, Hoddesdon
Had the best experience with Simon. Amazing at his job due to his knowledge and his ability to make you feel at ease and have a laugh while learning. Enjoyable lessons, I highly recommend anyone looking to learn to call Simon, he is an excellent teacher!
Serena , Cheshunt
Passed with Simon first time, he is very patient and understanding, makes you feel comfortable while allowing you to improve on previous mistakes. Definitely recommend!!
Patryk, Hoddesdon
As a first time driver when I first met Simon I was so nervous but he made my lessons fun as well as informative, I've loved every minute of it and passing first time was an added bonus.Thank you for everything you've done to help me through!!! #hippgriff
Becky Evans, Hoddesdon
Passed with 1 minor. Simon helped me gain confidence in my driving ability and myself. Went the extra mile to make sure I was prepared for my test. Passed first time because of Simon! Thanks for all the laughs on our lessons.
Phil Powell, Stanstead Abbott’s
Simon is one of the best teachers I've ever had the pleasure of learning with. He has an ability to make you feel relaxed and confident from the get go with his light hearted humour and unquestionable knowledge. I would (and am) recommend SkillsOnWheels
Phil Adams, Hoddesdon
Simon is extremely patient even with the most nervous drivers! Very friendly and would 100% recommend!
Grace Diez, Hoddesdon
Passed first time with Simon! Brilliant instructor, highly recommend
Karis, Hoddesdon
Thanks Simon! Very patient and only put me in for test when I was ready Recommend
Thank you so much Simon for helping me pass my driving test today at Enfield!! You always made me laugh on our lessons and always made me feel at ease! Best instructor I’ve ever had!!! Thank you for everything you da mannnnn
Emma Gritty, Hoddesdon
Highly recommended, very patient make you at ease always belives in that you can do it brilliant instructor thank you simon.
Sarah smith, Hoddesdon
I highly recommend Simon to anyone looking to learn to drive in the Hoddesdon area. He was clear and patient during every lesson and also a great laugh!! Thank you Simon!!
Ben Johnston, Hoddesdon
Do not hesitate to learn with Simon, he is good at what he does, and is very patient and kind. Easy going. Thanks so much for everything Simon, for the fun and laugh while learning how to drive.
Bianca Aguillon, Hoddesdon
Passed my driving test first time! Very patient instructor and always a good laugh. Would highly recommend!
Louise, Hoddesdon
Amazing, funny lessons every time! Couldn't ask for a better instructor!!! passed first time! never a dull moment with SKILLSONWHEELS!!
Vaughn Lowe, Broxbourne
Great instructor, really easy to get along with and very patient. Also a really easy car to drive - would recommend to anyone in Hertfordshire/surrounding!
Sammy Barker, Ware
very good instructor and a right laugh, helped me to pass with very few hours, would definitely recommend!
Eddie Aylott, Hoddesdon
Passed my driving test today with only 2 minors!! Simon is a brilliant instructor would definitely be recommending him to all friends and family! Thankyou so much Simon
Ellie Burling , Hoddesdon
Excellent driving instructor
Alfie, Hoddesdon
Great experience and a great instructor to learn to drive with!
Sian Owens, Hoddesdon
Passed first time with Simon with only 9 lessons. Would reccommend him to all of my friends and family. Never a dull moment when on a lesson!
Jesse Chorley, Stanstead Abbotts
Passed first time! Thank you for the help Simon. He was very patient and helpful, would recommend 😊
Pelin Ormandji, Goffs Oak
Thank you so much Simon for your patience with me, your belief in me and for persevering with me as long as you did. You were the best driving teacher I ever had and we always had such a laugh on our lessons. Thank you thank you thank you
Melissa Jayne Hind, Hoddesdon
Best instructor about! So understanding and patient!
Megan Williams, Cheshunt
Passed with only two minors! Prepared me perfectly for my test helping me to be a confident driver. Thank you Simon!
Nicole, Goffs oak
Simon has to be the most patient & top geezer I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. He is an absolute credit to his driving school & will always accommodate you when he can 5***** all the way you will not go wrong driving with Simon
Scott Slaney, Hoddesdon
Simon is a brilliant driving instructor. I looked forward to every single lesson. They were not only well taught and informative, but they were so much fun and filled with plenty of jokes and laughter! I highly recommend Skills on Wheels!
Ben Dance, Hoddesdon
Simon was a great instructor, very easy to get on with and patient. I couldn’t have done it without him!
Sarah LaBrecque, Ware
Simon is a great instructor! He is very easy going and all the lessons have been stress free and productive. The car is comfortable to learn in and easy to get to grips with quickly. I would highly recommend Simon to anyone who wants to learn to drive!
Noah, Waltham Cross
Finally passed my test and joining the traffic with the great help and teaching skills of Simon helping me build confidence and feel comfortable behind the wheel. Thank you Simon
Kerry, Turnford
Having struggled with previous instructors and generally lacking in confidence, Simon was the perfect instructor to finally help me cross the finish line with his patient and dedicated teaching style. Recommended to all!!!
Glenn, Barnfield
Simon is a great driving instructor who always made me feel comfortable during my lessons and was always a great laugh! If it wasn't for Simon I don't think I would have passed first time. Would definitely recommend Skillsonwheels!!
Charlie weatherhead, Hoddesdon
Great driving instructor, very patient and understanding! Also pretty funny!! Which I found a good way to keep me calm when I got myself stressed!
Eleanor walters, Cheshunt
When I first started learning with Simon I really lacked in confidence, but after a few lessons my confidence had really grown. I enjoyed the lessons and was happy to pass with 4 minors. Big thank you to Simon. I would definitely recommend SkillsOnWheels.
Abbie, Ware
Great Driving Instructor! Makes you feel at ease and can always make you laugh. His given me so much confidence and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor, which enabled me to pass first time.
Lauren Hill, Broxbourne
Great teacher with great attitude. Every lesson has got a bit of fun factor about it but at the same time he pushes you to do more and progress more. It might not seem like it but patience is his virtue! I would definitely recommend Simon to anyone!
Ania, Broxbourne
Thank you to Simon! So glad I passed first time! Amazing driving instructor always felt comfortable. 😁
Emma, Hoddesdon
Simon did a great job in ensuring that I was ready for my driving test, providing patient guidance and constructive feedback throughout our lessons. I would strongly recommend Simon to anyone looking for a driving instructor!
David, Ware
PASSED FIRST TIME TODAY!! Hugeee thank you to Simon for being so patient and making me feel at ease in every lesson right up to the test! If you're looking for a driving instructor, Simon is your guy!! #SkillsOnWheelsKnowsBest !!!
Jess McAleese, Cheshunt
I passed today with just 2 minors! Every lesson was fun and I learnt something new every time! Cheers baldy👍🏼X
Sophie, Hoddesdon
Passed first time yesterday which I never thought would have happened at the beginning, but all thanks to Simon I did it!!! Thankyou for all the laughs & help you've given me along the way, couldn't have asked for a better instructor!
Megan , Standon
Simon has been the best instructor, helped me with confidence. Passed first time today thanks to Simon, would honestly recommend him to anyone. See you on the pass plus!
Johanna, Hoddesdon
100% would recommend, he is more than just a driving instructor, he is a mate as well.
Will, Hertford
Passed with Simon today!!!! So glad I chose to go with him. Trust he's the nicest and calmest person you'll meet, and you'll deffo have a laugh. Gonna miss our lessons. Thank so much, and see you on the road.
Laura, Waltham abbey
Fantastic lessons, really helpful would recommend to anyone wishing to learn to drive
Charli, stanstead abbotts
Big thanks to simon (skillsonwheels) for helping me pass first time with 3 minors, couldn't ask for anything more with him, thank you so much people are lucky to have the hours with you !!!!!
Sam Ridgway , Cheshunt
I'd like to say that I've passed and it's all thanks to Simon! I only got one minor, he is a great driving instructor and I would recommend him to everyone I know
Courtney Dell , Cheshunt
After my third attempt, I finally managed to pass my practical due to simon's great teaching and knack at making me feel so comfortable behind the wheel. Cheers mate!
Connor Hughes, Harlow
genuinely great driving instructor, very helpful and patient. lessons were very enjoyable and fun, making the process of learning and becoming an adult easier. Passed first time, very reassuring before and helped calm my nerves. would recommend to anyone!
Courtney Akers, Cheshunt
Passed with only 3 minors! Simon has made me feel comfortable and confident from my first lesson all the way up to my test! Very happy with my result and I can only thank Simon for that!!
Lauren, Cheshunt
Thanks to Simon for getting me to pass first time. Let's you know exactly what you need to improve, and lessons don't feel like a chore. Thanks loads!!
Amy, Harlow
Thankyou so much for your time and effort teaching me how to drive! Certainly better than my old one haha , I passed today on my first time! Best instructor about Thankyou
Chloe chapman, Hoddesdon
Simon is a very good instructor. Top banter and will have a proper laugh. Highly recommend him!!!
Billy Gouldthorpe, Cheshunt
Thanks to Simon I passed first time today with 2 minors! Would recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor!
Eleanor, Cheshunt
I passed first time with Simon, and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Thank you so much for helping me!
Jade Burke, Hoddesdon
Passed this Monday with only 3 minors!!! Would highly recommend skillsonwheels to anyone! Could not of asked for a better driving instructor.
Sophie, Goffs Oak
Simon is great he has help me so much with passing my driving test 😀 Not just a driving lesson when out with Simon it's like being out with a friend he makes it so fun and always having a laugh!! The best out there and would defo recommend to anyone
Kat , Cheshunt
Passed with Simon first time with 2 minors, honestly the best instructor out their, we had so much laughs, and got everything done at the same time, amazing car too.
Harry attwell, Goffs oak
Huge thanks for helping me pass my test recently after only a handful of lessons. Would recommend Simon to anyone looking for an instructor in the Ware area!
Carl, Ware
Fantastic guy, highly recommended. Very patient and easy to get on with.
Tony Keane, Cheshunt
Cheers for everything !!Changed me from speedy gonzales to calmer and probably safer driver :') so thank you BALDY ! Would highly recommend to anyone who's looking at learning to drive with a casual and funny instructor, a top geezer. #Mario&Peach
Carrmelo Spano, Hoddesdon
Fantastic instructor. After returning to driving lessons after a long time Simon made me feel at ease and helped my confidence. Wasn't long before I was ready for my test and passed first time with Simon after failed attempts before. 😃 great instructor
Amy pottle, ware
A massive thanks to Simon for helping me pass my test first time! Couldn't ask for a better driving instructor, would highly recommend! Lessons were fun and was made to feel confident when driving right from the beginning!
Kayleigh, Cheshunt
Passed first time!! Best driving instructor. He's patient and makes you feel at ease. He constantly works to fit you in and makes sure you're feeling confident all the time!!! I really encourage you use skillsonwheels to learn to drive with!!!!
Olivia saunders, Much hadham
Passed my test finally! Couldn't of done it without you mate. Changed me from speedy gonzales to what I think an amazing driver ;) so thank you so much Si! Would highly recommend to anyone he's a top geezer.
Jessica, Hoddesdon
i was very anxious about starting my first ever driving lesson but simon was fantastic in calming me down and teaching me how to drive properly. by far one of the nicest and funniest men i have ever met. it was a pleasure to by taught by simon. Top Bloke
Louis Bennett, Waltham Abbey
A huge thanks to Simon for helping me overcome my nerves and pass my driving test! He's the best driving instructor out there, I'm actually sad I can drive now:( RIP Benson Button memories, thanks again Simon, you're a great laugh and a fab guy!!!
Caitlin, Hoddesdon
Passed first time with 3 minors last Monday! Simon is an amazing instructor. Started with him after 10 hours with another instructor, making no progress, and he completely sorted me out and turned my driving around! Couldn't recommend anyone more!!
Emma Varney, Hoddesdon
BOOM! Passed my test thanks to Simon! Such a great instructor; patient, understanding, always chilled, and above all is a fun person to be around. Highly recommend!
Ellis, Stanford
Massive thanks to the amazingly gifted driver Jesus Simon for helping me beat my nerves and pass my test today! The nicest and funniest guy you will ever meet who tells hilarious jokes and stories that get you through the good and bad times. #BensonButton
Caitlin, Hoddesdon
Finally PASSED 2nd time lucky :P, huge thanks to Simon for helping me!
Alex Satwick, Stanstead Abbotts
I would like to say a massive thank you to Simon for helping me finally pass my test! He is a brilliant teacher and one of the funniest people I know!! I would recommend Skills On Wheels to anyone. I hope you won't miss me and my singing to much Simon:)
Becki Reed, Hoddesdon
I had 2 previous test before I swapped to Simon for driving lessons who gave me the skill to pass first time under his tuition, would recommend him to anyone
Shane, Hoddesdon
Massive thank you to simon!! So helpful and patient and managed to put up with me :-) Each lesson was enjoyable and I wouldn't of been able to pass without him! Best instructor out there, defiantly would recommend!! YOU THE MAN
Sharnia shevlin, Hoddesdon
Just passed my test today thanks to Simon! A great driving instructor would recommend to anyone looking to pass there test! Thanks for helping me to pass!!
Bobby bradford, Cheshunt
It took me two attempts to pass my driving test but today I finally done it!! Simon is the best driving instructor on the planet; he is friendly, patient and we had so many laughs this past year! Thank you so much Simon! YOU'RE FAB!
Gemma Heritage, Hoddesdon
passed first time thanks to Simon. He keeps you calm and helps you through every stage making sure that all the manoeuvres are suited to you. Follow his steps and listen to the help he gives you and you are guaranteed to pass first time
Dominic, Murray
So today I passed my test after failing a few times due to my bad anxiety, but I couldn't of done it with out Simon! He is by far the best driving instructor and made me feel so at ease with everything an helped with my anxiety driving! Thank you Simon!!!
Jazmine, Hoddesdon
Thankyou so much to Simon who helped me pass first time with only 3 minors!! Your an amazing teacher and always made me laugh and feel relaxed in my lessons! I can't thank you enough!
Emily Pugh, Hoddesdon
Just passed with only 3 minors with Simon. Lovely lovely man and such a laugh! Tried 3 drivin instructors before and no one taught me better than Simon he's very patient and will get you passed QuickTime! Book your lessons with him!
Emily, Egan
Best instructor ever!! really chilled and is a good laugh, Thanks for helping me pass!!!
Faye Allen, Cheshunt
Simon is an excellent Driving Instructor and gave me clear guidance and tips to help me pass first time. It was a real pleasure working with Simon and I would thoroughly recommend SkillsOnWheels to anyone looking to start lessons.
Adam Dance, Hoddesdon
Thanks for everything!!!!! Passed first time this morning thanks to simon!!! Couldn't have asked for a better instructor Top banter and teacher, When I see you on the roads I'll try beep my horn without crashing!!!
chloe wood, cheshunt
Great money invested in my daughters lessons with Simon. Really pleased with him, nothing bad to say about him. Recommend him to everyone. If not Simon, my daughter wouldn't of passed today.
Ewa, Turnford
Best months learning with Simon Skillsonwheels. Today officially passed, really please with Simon. Best teacher ever, fun times unfortunately it's over because I PASSED. Thank you again!!! Had great time learning with you, will miss you!
Dominika Hornik, Turnford
Big thanks to Simon who helped me on passing my test, very helpful and patient and gave me all my confidence to pass my test on just the second go, also made all the lessons enjoyable! Definitely the best instructor out there :)
Sally Field, Ware
After finally passing my test, it is going to feel weird not having my weekly lesson. Thanks Simon for two years of lessons!
Emily, Stanstead Abbotts
Thank you Simon for being so patient, I managed to pass first time! You made the lessons enjoyable and I'd definitely recommend you! Once again many thanks!
Emma Rejniak, Hoddesdon
Really enjoye having lessons with Simon. Very easy to get along with and made me feel very comfortable. Helped me alot with my confidence in driving and would recommend him to others. So glad i passed first time!
Freddie Wells, Cheshunt
Simon has been a great teacher over the last 8 months and I passed yesterday first time! I not only learnt loads but lessons were fun too and I would definitely recommend SkillsOnWheels to anyone!
Hannah Takats, Ware
I only spent eight hours in five weeks with Simon, but passed with him as he fits the manoeuvres to you instead of the other way around and makes you feel more confident in driving. Simon, thank you so much for all your help. Highly recommended.
Chloe Byrne, Cheshunt
Simon is a great instructor, he made me feel relaxed and not on edge. He is patient and thorough and got me to pass first time. I would highly recommend Simon to anyone looking to start driving.
karen hayes, harlow
I PASSED THIS MORNING WOOO! Thankyou so much Simon for being just the best instructor! You ensure every lesson is fun and enjoyable! I would definitely recommend Skills On Wheels to my friends!
Jess, Waltham Abbey
Thank you Simon for all the help! you were amazing defiantly the best driving instructor ever! you gave me so much confidence behind the wheel, Thank you :]
Hollie Watson, Hertford
Thanks to Simon for passing me first time!! I'll try to give you a toot without crashing when we pass on the road!!
Kelly , Stanstead Abbotts
Thank you so much Simon, every lesson was a laugh and im gonna miss them :( hopefully see you about soon :) :)
Ella , Hertford
Thanks for everything simon. Couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Top bant and teacher. When I see you on the roads I'll slyly beep my horn! Gonna miss ya!
GG Hall, Goffs Oak
Want to say thanks to Simon for my driving lessons after passing this morning. Had a lot of fun learning and passed first time thanks to skills on wheels. Brilliant teacher had a lot of laughs
Sean Coen, Hertford
Simon is a top instructor,not once failing to answer a question,no matter how inept or stupid Also,Simons ability to communicate calmly & intelligently enables him to instruct,I am living proof,I was a nervous driver & he helped me pass first time
Shaun, Epping
After failing a few tests, i changed driving instructors to Simon. It was the best decision i made, Simon is a great instructor and increased my confidence a lot, which i am highly thankful for. I'd definitely recommend learning with skills on wheels!
Lily Goddard, Ware
Really enjoying lessons with Simon, with each lesson he helps my confidence grow and takes me another step closer to passing my test. Thanks mate!
Shaun, Cheshunt
Simon is a great instructor! I was a really nervous driver, but from day one simon made me feel like a great driver and gave me the confidence to pass my test. I am extremely thankful and would highly recommend him.
Katie, Ware
finally passed!!! thanks to simon... great car, great instructor, go with him if you want to laugh your head off, and quickly pass... drink to that!
Mat, Enfield
Passed last month with Simon, had a great time learning and passed in less than two months! Would recommend Skills on Wheels to anyone!
Rory Smith, Goffs Oak
Thanks for everything Simon! Top man, funny guy and an even better driving instructor. We got there in the end! All the best to my favourite slaphead!
Ross Perkins, Ware
I was terrified at the thought of driving but loads of my friends said how Simon helped them to become confident on the roads and pass their tests quickly. Can't wait for my next lesson!
Jamie, Cheshunt
passed today!!Thank you so much SIMON for making driving look so easy,you are my "Hero"to everyone who is learning how to drive.Simon is the man,he won't shout,he won't lose his temper when you do the same mistake the 8th time,he is nice,and funny.T
palesa, Enield
Cheers Simon for helping me pass first time! You made everything seem easy and you always made the lessons fun. Great bant
Harry, Stanstead Abbotts
Thank you Simonnn! This man is an amazing driving instructor and people are silly for not learning with him! All the lessons were fun and i can drive now thanks to him, he is a legend!! :)
lucy , wormley
Simon is a fantastic instructor, I wouldn't have passed without him.
Rob, cheshunt
I would just like to say a really big thank you to Simon for making me feel relaxed and in control throughout! If anyone needs a Pass Plus instructor - this is the guy! Calm and reassuring but also helps you to learn from mistakes. Thanks again!
Tolu W, Enfield
Feels like forever ive been learning to drive but each lesson is always fun and simons worked hard to fit lessons in and teach me everything he can, lessons are always a laugh and simon always remains professional.
Nicole, Hoddesdon
I cant wait to start my lessons! all my mates have learnt with simon and they all have a laugh and learn loads!
Stuart, Herts
I've recommended Simon to all of my friends and all the free lessons have really helped! We all have a great time and learn loads on every single lesson we have a lesson with SkillsOnWheels. Highly recommend Simon to anyone who wants to learn to drive!
Paul, Hertford
I was worried about my daughter starting driving lessons, a lot of her friends are learning or have passed with Simon and this made me feel much happier about her starting lessons with him. I highly recommend Simon.
Steven, Cheshunt
Passed first time, loved my lessons all of which were fun, and have made a new best friend in Simon, a true gentleman. Simon, I salute you sir.
Ben Demetriou, Wormley
Simon is a very helpful and friendly driving instructor and couldn't have asked for anyone better. Thanks for helping me gain the confidence to finally pass after only 6months!
Sophia Mascall, Welwyn Garden City
I was very nervous about starting driving lessons, but from the first second i sat in the car, Simon made me feel at ease with his calm and friendly manner. Thanks for helping me pass my test Si!!
Mike, Hoddesdon
so happy i passed my theory and test only done lessons for about 6months thank u so much for all the help si
michelle , enfield
cant belive i passed my test and theory in 5months i couldnt have done it with out your help simon thanks again mate
Adam Ellwood, enfield
wooooo hoooo i passed today still cant belive it thank you so much simon for all the help
Sasha, enfield
I've just finished my first driving lesson with Simon, it was brilliant! Thanks for the 17th birthday present! I cant wait for next weeks lesson!
Michelle, Cheshunt
Passed 1st Time!! Thanks to the best driving school - SkillsOnWheels!! If you want to learn to drive, give Simon a call he is patient, funny and completly puts you at ease. Thank you so much!
B Phillips, Enfield
A big thank you to SkillsOnWheels driving school, Simon put me at ease and made me feel relaxed and confident, really dont think i would have passed first time without them!
Jenny, Ware
I would highly recommend Simon and SkillsOnWheels, Fantastic! Failed my test twice with another 'Popular' school. Simon taught me the 'correct' way to drive and i passed first time with him!
Colin, Cheshunt
Thanks Simon and SkillsOnWheels! The tuition was first class, Simon was friendly and very patient and with his help I passed both the theory and practical first time.
John, Cheshunt
Lessons with Simon were great, he helped me out with everything including both my theory and practical test.
Dan, Cheshunt
I really enjoyed my lessons with Simon! Not only did I pass quickly with him, but every lesson was fun!
Rob, Harlow


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